Wedding Worries: How to Handle Pre-Wedding Nerves

As your wedding day draws closer however, you might begin the feel the nerves draw in, and as you have less and less organisational tasks for you to concentrate on, you’ll have more free time for pre-wedding nerves to set in.  Although this process is natural and mostly inevitable, there are some techniques you can follow to alleviate the pressure.  Here are some of our favourites.

Experience Days

Although your hen or stag night will be a way to forget your troubles for a night, it’s likely that you’ll have you’re a week or so at least before your big day.  This leaves time for your nerves to grow, so to curb them, consider taking some friends on an experience day.  There you can enjoy a range of thrilling adventures such as bungee jumping, paintballing and freefalling which will help you to release some of that stress that’s building up, without leaving you with a sore head on your wedding day.

Rest and Relaxation

After you’ve spent a day having exhilarating adventures on your experience day, you could take some time out to relax.  Visiting a spa is a great way of getting this, but it’s an expensive solution to a problem which could be solved for less.  With the average cost of weddings punching slightly above £16,000, funds for frivolous spending like a spa day might be unavailable to you.

Instead, you could close your curtains at home, play relaxing music and have a home massage.  You might need a few tools to help you, but they’re relatively inexpensive from a site such as The Discovery Store, so you don’t have to spend much to get spa-quality R&R.         

Coming to Terms

Although experience days and R&R will help you to de-stress, the one fail-safe cure to wedding nerves is acknowledgement.  A great way to help you come to terms with the fact that you’re getting married is to take your partner out for dinner as the big day approaches, and talk to them about your concerns and fears.

Getting this out in the open will help you both understand what’s making the other nervous so that you can hopefully come to a solution together.  This is usually the job of a couples’ counsellor, but why pay someone for a job you can do better yourselves?


So there you go, some of our best advice for how to handle your pre-wedding nerves.  Just remember, it happens to everyone, so there’s no need to panic; just handle it to the best of your ability.


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