Wedding Day Beauty: Quick Fixes for a More Youthful You

When it comes to your wedding day all you want is to look your best.  One of the best ways you can enhance your natural beauty and radiance is by making yourself look a little bit more youthful.  All of us could benefit from the help of some quick fixes to really boost our vitality levels and look younger, particularly on our wedding days.  To help you along, we’ve gathered some great quick fix staples from around the web so give them a go and look your best for your special day.


Skin Resurfacing and Cosmetic Fixes

A really fantastic way of giving your face a youthful glow is to give yourself a home skin resurfacing treatment like a folic acid skin peel.  This will remove dead skin cells, even your skin tone and lessen the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.  This is exactly what you need to make your wedding day picture smile really stand out.

A slightly braver option would be to get a professional chemical skin peel, but you should ensure that you do this at least 3 weeks before your wedding day because it can leave you with a red face for a few days – not what you need on your special day.


Give Your Hair a Helping Hand

Making a few changes to your hairstyle and colour can help you to shine.  One important thing to remember is that changing your style drastically can help to turn heads and surprise your guests, so being brave could be valuable and make you feel younger.

When you’re thinking about your hair colour, simply adding gentle highlights can generate a truly youthful feel.

Ultimately, it’s the finishing touches to your hair that make all the difference.  If you think it’s looking slightly thin, you could use a hair thickening shampoo, and to enhance its natural shine you should condition it with a shine-enhancing conditioner.  Here’s a great graphic from Pinterest to help you get started.


Beauty-enhancing Treatments

If you want to bring out your best features and reduce signs of aging, you could have a look at some beauty-enhancing treatments like the ones offered at Melior Clinics.

Subtle enhancements to your lips and skin can lift your face and increase your vitality.  Make sure you look at the recovery times for the treatments however, because you don’t want to be caught short of time.

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