Wearing a Watch on Your Wedding Day

There are so many different superstitions that surround weddings that it can get quite out of hand if you try to avoid them all. From wearing pearls to not letting the groom see the dress, there are lots of superstitions that no one wants to mess with – even if they’re not that superstitious.

Is It Bad Luck to Wear a Watch on your Wedding Day?

Wearing a watch might be considered bad luck by some, but for others, it’s that wearing a watch doesn’t complement your wedding outfit. Even if you wear a watch every day and you’d feel naked without it, a watch often looks clunky and inappropriate when paired with an elegant white dress and a veil.

Another aspect of wedding day watch wearing is that a watch is more often than not a practical item – to tell the time. This is probably not necessary for your wedding day, as there will be many other people that will be able to keep you updated.

A Dress Watch

However, there are many modern watches that look beautiful, and often don’t look like watches at all. Whether you want something sparkly, glamorous or something that will stand the test of time, there will be something out there that will suit your wedding dress perfectly. Take a look at ones by DKNY or Versace from The Branded Watch Shop.

A Charm Watch 

A charm watch is the perfect hybrid between bracelet and watch. Whether you go for a watch with charms on the strap, or a bracelet with a watch charm, you can’t go wrong. This is perfect if the dress you’re wearing is simple and elegant with minimal embellishment.

Mix Your Metals

A silver watch will complement any wedding dress, but if you want to add a little bit of interest, then consider mixing your metals. Whether you opt for silver, gold, or rose gold, a combination of metals will always match the rest of your wedding jewellery.


If you’re worried that your watch will look out of place on your wrist when you look back at wedding photos, why not wear bracelets too? This will prevent it from sticking out and looking odd, and will enhance your outfit too. You could wear a watch on one wrist and a pretty bracelet in the same style on the other, or wear a few on each wrist. Whatever you do, just make sure that you don’t overload on jewellery.

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