Throwing Out Tradition: Alternative Bridesmaid Gifts

The chances are that your bridesmaids have been your support network throughout the whole planning process for your wedding. They’ve probably accompanied you to dress fittings, helped you pick out the flowers and have been there when things have got too much. To thank them for all their support, it’s tradition to give them each a gift at the rehearsal dinner, but what should you get them?

Photo Album or Scrapbook

For a really personal, unique gift that will be treasured forever, you could make each bridesmaid a pretty scrapbook full of photographs of you both. Leave space at the back for photos of the wedding and all the fun times you’re yet to share. Add anecdotes and inside jokes and you’re sure to have a present that will make her smile.

Personalised Bag of Treats

Buy your bridesmaids a nice handbag each from the high-street and fill it with treats and things personal to them. If one of them loves to draw, buy include a luxe set of pens or pencils, and if one of them has a particular interest in music, you could include gift certificates for them to spend on concert tickets. When you’ve compiled your bag of goodies, add a long, personal letter thanking your bridesmaids individually for all their help and support; it’s sure to bring a tear to their eye.

Designer Clutch Bag

If your bridesmaids aren’t the sentimental types, then perhaps a designer clutch bag would be more appreciated. You could pick them up at outlet stores so they don’t break the bank, and the quality will still be just as good so the bag will last them forever. Go for something timeless and classic that won’t date and you’ll have given them a gift that they’ll always treasure.

Spa Weekend

No doubt your wedding has been a little stressful for them too, so buying them gift certificates for a spa weekend away to recuperate is a lovely gesture. They could go as a group or individually depending on how well they all know each other, and they’ll leave feeling refreshed and grateful that you’ve recognised all their hard work during the run-up to the wedding.

Of course, you could always go for the traditional piece of jewellery from somewhere like, but sometimes it’s nice to get your bridesmaids something out of the ordinary. They’ll appreciate the extra thought and effort you’ve put in and will feel like their efforts to make your big day special haven’t gone unnoticed.

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