The Alternative Bridal Makeup Look

If you’re a bride to be searching for the perfect wedding day makeup, you’re probably sick of hearing the words ‘natural’, ‘radiant’ and ‘glowing’. If that’s not your style, then going for the stereotypical bridal look shouldn’t be an option; you need to look like you on your wedding day, not a carbon copy of a bridal magazine model. So, if you usually wear a red lippie and haven’t touched a pretty pink nude since you were twelve years old, here are four steps towards the perfect alternative bridal makeup.

Choosing the Right Red Lip

Red lipstick will never date providing you choose a classic shade. A blue-toned red will make your teeth look pearly white in photographs, but if orange-toned hues suit you better, you could always fake white teeth by having laser teeth whitening as a one-off treat. As for the formula, a matte lipstick will require less touch-ups, but it could dry your lips out over the course of the day. You could try a liquid lipstick that acts as a gloss/stain hybrid to get the best of both worlds.

Feline Eyes

For a bold but feminine look, a subtle flick of black eyeliner across the top lid will look perfect when paired with a red lipstick. Keep your eyeshadow matte and neutral and just use it to give some definition in the socket before finishing off the look with lashings of black, waterproof mascara.

Flawless Skin

You want to feel flawless on your wedding day, and your skin plays a big part in that. The type of foundation you go for will depend on your skin type, but just ensure that it doesn’t contain any SPF as this can flash back and make you look pale in photographs. Oily skins should go for a matte finish, whilst dry skins will want plenty of moisturiser and a satin finish foundation. Dewy bases are a no-go when in front of the camera, and all foundation should be set with a good powder to ensure you look flawless and shine-free in photos.

Beautiful Brows

If your eyes are kept simple, you can afford to add some drama to your look with your eyebrows. Strong, defined brows will frame your face and will finish off the classic, timeless look you’ve tried to create so far. Filling in your brows can be daunting, but following an online video tutorial and practising beforehand will let you get to grips with a shape that suits you.

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