Natural beauty: The resurgence of natural cosmetic products

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine natural beauty products can have a range of uses and are just as effective as more conventional products.

More and more people are switching to more natural products as they become wary of unknown chemicals with unpronounceable names and a string of numbers. While some people are wary of the effectiveness of natural cosmetics, this is an unfounded concern as plenty of well respected companies sell and produce them.




Big names

When you think of natural beauty products you might get the image of some washed out hippy making their own deodorant out of nettles and patchouli, but things are much more complex than that these days. A number of big, high street brands sell top quality natural cosmetics, such as Lush, Faith in Nature and Neal’s Yard. These are no backwater operators, but are real companies using the resources our earth provides us to make safe and effective products.

Furry friendly

Many of the natural cosmetics on sale are also cruelty free and not tested on animals, so not only are you being kind to your own body, you’re being kind to other animals too. However, this isn’t necessarily the case with every natural product on the market. Therefore, if you are concerned about animal testing, check with the company about their policies before buying.

Environmental issues

The environment is a hot topic right now and we all want to do our bit to help save the planet. Big businesses can have a negative impact on the world around them, but natural cosmetics are often more environmentally friendly and may even use ethically sourced and fairly traded ingredients, so you can enjoy them with a clear conscience.

Alternative treatments

As well as natural cosmetics, natural treatments are becoming extremely popular too. People all over the country are getting spa and beauty treatments based on the arts of aromatherapy and ancient massage. #You could try if you’re interested in these kinds of treatments, as they have centres all over the UK, but there are a range of different companies and individuals who can perform natural treatments. If you want to learn how to do them, a variety of courses exist as well.

Sensitive skin

For anyone who has sensitive skin and finds themselves irritated by a lot of products, natural cosmetics can be the answer. Rather than being made of a cocktail of chemicals, they’re produced using real ingredients that have been used by people for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. If you often react badly to cleansers, moisturisers and other such products, give the natural option a try.

If you’re interested in switching over to natural cosmetics, it is not too much of a hard task. There are brands all over the high street that take a natural approach. Not only could it be better for your skin and body, it’s also better for the environment and other creatures too.


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