Hen Night Fashion for The Glamorous Bride-To-Be


1 pink dress

Oceandiver watch from 3H Italia, Pink Dress from So Sexy Fashion, Medium Tanning Lotion from Lauren’s Way.


Before you plan your hen night outfit, you need to know what you’re doing – there’s no point planning a luxury outfit if it turns out the bride is whisking you all away to take part in muddy adventure weekend! However, if you’re lucky, the hen night you attend will be a sophisticated affair and you’ll be able to wear your best cocktail dress, and highest heels! Hen nights are all about being girly and having fun, so don’t be afraid to pick out a dress that is a little more flirty and feminine than you would usually choose!


The bride should feel like a princess of course, and should be the centre of attention at all points of the night, so you might like to go out shopping together or stay in touch with other hens prior to your night out, to make sure the bride has the brightest, most sparkly, poufy dress out of the lot of you. When you all stand together, it should be easy to tell which one of you is the bride!


For the hens, pick dresses in candy colours and jewel tones. This way you can stand out without being too ostentatious. It’s a good idea to wear a dress with a swing skirt and an open waist, firstly because you’ll be doing a lot of dancing, and secondly because you’ll want to feel as comfortable as possible when indulging in all that food and drink!


Accessories your hen night outfit with a cute clutch bag, and make sure you have everything you need to keep the bride looking her best – it’s your duty as one of her hen party. Carry make-up wipes and spare make-up for on-the-go touch ups, hairclips for fixing dishevelled hair as the night goes on, and even safety pins for accidental drunken dress mishaps. Just remember, keep it classy – visit sophisticated cocktail bars and treat yourselves to some of the most decadent drinks on the menu, that way when the morning after the night before comes, you won’t be too embarrassed to see the pictures!

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