Getting Clothes That Fit Just Right

Getting clothes that fit just right is quite an accomplishment. In addition to making you look so much sharper and finer, you will also be more likely to wear them. Poorly fitting clothes tend to be uncomfortable, and they are rarely flattering. However, it can be hard to find the perfect outfit, particularly in a fashion world that does not cater to all sizes. Here are some things to remember when getting clothes to fit just right.

When in Doubt, Buy Larger

Most of the time when you have the choice between buying a smaller size rather than a larger one, you’ll probably buy the smaller one. After all, people are always good at saying they will use the garment as motivation to lose weight or that they’re going to lose weight anyway. But the fact is that when you buy clothes, you need to buy clothes that fit you now. Remember that tailoring will almost always be required if you want clothes that fit you precisely. Tailoring also requires that there’s enough fabric for the seamstress to alter. So whenever you’re in doubt, buy a size larger. You may not like to see that number in your closet, but remember you will look so much better in that outfit than if you were buy one that was too small.

Look at Where the Seams Hit You

When you try on an outfit, look to see where the seams hit you. On designer blouses, check for the neck seam as well as the shoulder seam. When these seams are lined up properly, look to see how the blouse fits you. On a skirt or pants set, look where the hip darts are placed. Make sure that the pockets line up against your thighs and the centerfold of the waist is precisely down the middle. Turn all seams into the proper positions, and then evaluate yourself. Dresses should be lined up like designer blouses, but also pay attention to the waist. If it has a belt, look to see where that falls on you, and also whether the various points and darts on the dress line up in a flattering manner. Also look to see how well the garment stays in place once it is on you the way it should be. Remember that wearing it improperly will negatively affect your appearance.

Remember Dark Fabrics Run Smaller

According to Glamour, it’s not uncommon for dark fabrics to run smaller and tighter than light fabrics. This has nothing to do with the original cut. It just so happens that dark dyes tend to cause more shrinkage than lighter ones. Remember when you are trying on garments to try on every single color as the dye will have an effect on how it fits you. You may have to buy a size larger for a dark dress rather than the light one, but the irony is that the dark fabric will actually make you look smaller.

Getting clothes that fit is important for looking your best. When in doubt, always purchase a size larger so that you can get it tailored. When evaluating the garment, look at where the different seams hit you to make sure that the garment looks as good on you as it is intended to look. Also be sure to check every outfit that you buy since dark fabrics do tend to run smaller than light ones.

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