Engagement Ring Shopping Considerations

Engagement ring shopping is an incredibly exciting part of being a couple. When the time presents itself, your fiancé will undoubtedly want to buy a ring that you will love and cherish forever. Sometimes, dropping hints about the style and type of ring you want isn’t enough. Perhaps it is time to suggest a morning of engagement ring shopping to put their mind at ease and decide on a ring that both of you can agree on. Here are the top three things to consider when shopping for a ring.

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1.      Budget

When engagement ring shopping, an agreed-upon budget should be set and adhered to in order to manage expectations and avoiding disappointment. Nothing dampens a mood faster than whispering to your fiancé who has fallen in love with a ring – ‘we can’t afford that’. It helps to start saving months ahead of time in order to stay out of debt. Although the ring is a symbol of love and commitment, it shouldn’t be a financial burden. Speak about the budget as a couple before leaving the house so that both parties are on the same page when ring shopping.

2.      Style

The style, make, shape and type of ring you would prefer is one of the most important considerations to make when wedding ring shopping. Firstly, decide on whether you would prefer a custom-designed ring or if you will be shopping for one instead. If you cannot decide on whether to have a ring designed or to choose one already made, visit a jeweler that has both options, such as Ethan Lord jewelry in Chicago.

Secondly, decide what elements you prefer in your engagement ring. Are your preferences gold, white gold, platinum, diamonds or gemstones? Do you prefer simple or bulky settings? Do your research before visiting a jeweler so you have a good idea of what you are looking for.

When ring shopping, choose a design style you deeply resonate with, as chances are, you won’t be melting down the ring and changing it as trends change. Choose a style which you know you will be happy with for many years to come, though, of course, the option remains to change it at any time, but the ring should be sentimental and unique.

3.      Insurance

When you have done your ring shopping, either gently remind your fiancé to have the ring insured or call your insurer immediately to update your insurance policy while in the store. You will need to have the ring properly evaluated for insurance purposes – remember to insist on a valuation certificate. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so insure your ring against theft and loss.

When shopping for an engagement ring, communication is key. Avoid getting into arguments with each other and shop with an open and responsible mind. This is a very special time and should be enjoyed as such. With the above considerations in mind, engagement ring shopping can be an exciting and special time for a couple in the build up to wedding vows.



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