Creativity Without Compromise: Your Vision for the Big Day

Planning your wedding is stressful enough without watching the figures in your bank balance deplete. Even if you splash out on your perfect venue, you don’t have to compromise on the things you really want to ensure your day is picture perfect.

Think about the areas where you can reduce costs and then you don’t have to scale down the table plan or be forced to sacrifice your beautiful fishtail gown.

Have Your Cake and Eat It

Wedding cakes are works of art, but you’ll pay for the privilege of that craftsmanship. What happens if you step away from the traditional three-tiered creation and opt for something completely unique? Instead of pouring your money into a hand-crafted cake, try taking matters into your own hands. Could you make a wedding cake built from cupcakes? This would be creative and colourful yet it wouldn’t break the bank.

You could also reduce the price of your wedding buffet by cutting out desert and having your cake as the option for your sweet. This will reduce the cost and also mean you don’t have masses of surplus cake to feed on for weeks to follow.

Feast Fit for a King

If you have your heart set on an indoor barbeque banquet and are planning on doing the food yourself, think about buying equipment such as a griddle and grill that you can use after the wedding. Corr Chilled has a great selection of kitchen essentials and catering equipment, so it won’t be too difficult to find what you’re looking for.

Table Decorations

Think about throwing an afternoon party or gathering and get all your friends involved with getting crafty. Collect jam jars and glass bottles to make centrepieces and gather some inspiration from Pinterest before getting started.

For the favours, buy a beautiful sheet of material and make simple bags from them with ribbons to tie the top. Fill them with lavender or chocolates and you’ll have the perfect budget wedding favours.

Glorious Gown

Most brides will baulk at the idea of parting with their beloved dress following the wedding. But if you can’t see the point of having your dress gathering dust in your attic, then you could drum up the courage to part with it by selling it. This way you get to wear your dream dress without the guilt of the indulgent price tag looming over you.


So, get your thinking cap on and draw up a list of the things that you are willing to compromise on, then draw up an action plan and get creative – soon you will see how you can make the other elements come to fruition.

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