5 Sci-Fi Novelty Wedding Themes

A beautiful white gown, a perfect venue and a glamorous arrangement of jewellery are many people’s dream wedding staples.   If you want that, retailers like Shades of Time are there to cater for you.  However, many people are turning away from traditional, British weddings towards less conventional ways of celebrating.  Many people, for example, are introducing a novelty theme such as Sci-Fi to their wedding, and with the popularity of TV shows like Don’t Tell the Bride and the growing cost of a conventional white wedding, the trend is only set to increase.  So what are some of the best Sci-Fi wedding themes that couples are choosing to go with?


5 – Wed by a Robot

Is a Vegas wedding not spontaneous enough for you?  Concept Shed has created an excellent idea which makes some people’s dream of getting wed by a robot a reality.  In the company’s own words, the robot ‘offers a quick, tacky & humorous hitch’, so if you’d like your wedding to have a light-hearted touch, a robot wedding might be perfect for you.


4 – Star Wars Celebration

How about swapping your white wedding for something on the dark side of The Force?  Although this is probably one step beyond geek-chic, it’s a unique idea which your guests will remember forever.  This will particularly be the case if you get some Star Wars-themed wedding pictures taken like these ones.


3 – ‘I Now Pronounce You Men in Black’

A recent episode of Don’t Tell the Bride saw one couple celebrate their union in a Men in Black-themed wedding.  Married by an alien, the couple then held their reception in a disused military base where faux experiments and alien attendants surrounded the guests and the newly-wed couple.


2 – World of Warcraft Wedding

Love comes from the most unexpected places, and nowhere is it more unexpected than in the videogame World of Warcraft.  Despite this, because of the game’s social focus, it is possible to form in-game friendships, so a relationship is only the next step.  As you can see from this site, many people get married in the game and become life partners outside the game, too.  So though it at first appears geeky, a videogame wedding is a truly unique, modern twist of the classic tradition.


1 – The Star Trek Treatment

The rich Star Trek fiction and dedicated fan base make it the perfect novelty theme for a wedding.  So don the costume of your favourite Trekky and set phasers to stun with a Star Trek-themed ceremony.  If you’re a Star Trek fan, getting married by Captain James T. Quirk could be a dream come true.


So there you have it, 5 Sci-Fi wedding themes that are sure to give you and your guests a unique, quirky wedding experience that are sure to stay with you ‘til death do you part.

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