How to have a great date without screwing everything up

When trying to find love in this vast world, it is often difficult to successfully impress or interest your other companion. Failures after failures are very tiring and bad for your self-esteem. Your confidence breaks down to nothing and you basically feel depressed. If you read this article , you will get dating advice that will definitely help you make a good impression and actually enjoy the encounter. We will talk about how to act in front of the date, what you should never do and the location of the small event.

First , like all people, say act natural. If the other person feels you are anguished and about to have an anxiety attack , they might feel a slight discomfort. You got to be as cool as ice like the saying goes and don’t show any signs of nervousness. Listen and study the body language of your partner. If he or she looks in your eyes, they might be actually interested but whatever nonsense you are spouting. If they also add something to the conversation you are trying to do , then someone is definitely going to happen that will make you tremendously happy. Remember that you have to examine and be confident at the same time.

Second, there are some things you must never do before or during a date. You should always be as clean as you can be and smell good. Put on some perfume or cologne and take a show beforehand. Look closely at your reflection in the mirror and see if anything seems misplaced or discordant. You wouldn’t want the other person to notice that you have a week old ketchup stain on your shirt do you? Keep a fine line being stupid while making the other laugh his or her head off and being a moron and give off the desire that someone should just go in a corner and die in agony.

Third, choose some place appropriate is another dating advice. Try to pick something that suit the tastes of your date but that also suit yours at the same time. Anything that involves pain or extreme efforts is definitely a big no-no. You want to be somewhere calm and relaxing where you can have a proper conversation with each other. Also, keep in mind that you want the right atmosphere that shows a bit of who you are. Hanging out in a creepy old bar is not a good idea since the other might think you are some sort of loner/loser or even going to a bingo session , unless he or she enjoys it, because you might seem like an old timer.

You can have a great date by acting casually and just being yourself. Just keep in mind that they are some dos and don’ts such as needing to bathe and never pick some random loud and dirty spot as your dating spot unless you like being laughed at or rejected!

How to make a relationship successful

Finding someone to be with is hard enough but making the relationship is a whole other story. You might sometimes experience moments of bliss or perhaps  something that came out from the ninth level of hell. What you do or don’t do affects the union with your partner and it can turn into something so ugly that you desire breaking the whole thing off only to regret it in the end. In this article , you will get to know how to make a relationship successful by being creative , truthful  and even making them jealous.

First , break the routine. In a relationship , you need to be creative . You have to anticipate or feel what the other wants or hates then accordingly you try to surprise him or her  with something pleasant and enjoyable. By being imaginative , you spice things up in union and it’s never a boring date between the two of you. If you let a routine install itself , I can guarantee that it  can get ugly and tension will build up gradually. If you are out of ideas , try something completely new that you might not like but you know your spouse will or perhaps something that you both have never tried before even though it might seem strange. Keep it exciting and thrilling!

Secondly, don’t be a hypocrite or a jerk.  Relationships rely a lot on trust and communication. If one doesn’t believe in someone anymore , the whole thing is just going downhill and might come to an abominable halt and, unless you hate the other person , I don’t think you want that. Be truthful and expect the same from your companion or else the worse will happen. You can bet on that.
Third , jealousy is a good thing!  There are two types of this emotion: healthy and unhealthy. If your partner is glaring at other people checking you out, it’s a good thing because it makes you feel that he or she appreciates you and wouldn’t want to lose you. Don’t be afraid to communicate that emotion as the companion has a high chance of liking that you care about him or her enough that you are somewhat possessive. Don’t go in the unhealthy side though! If you start bashing or harming others because they seem to flirt with your boyfriend or girlfriend, others might think you are some control freak that want to keep everything to himself. Worst case scenario, you will be treated as a complete lunatic and your couple might break apart!

In a relationship , you need to be able to trust each other , express your feeling properly and keep everything exciting and amusing. Don’t think because you have negative emotions such as jealousy that it’s a bad thing. Talk about it with your partner so he or she can understand you better and they might even laugh about it with you. Always,remember that communication is an important aspect!

Romantic Gifts to Give Any Time

Many men think that the only time to give a romantic gift is when there is a birthday or anniversary coming up or when they have been in an argument with their someone special.  The fact of the matter is that any time is a great time to give a woman a romantic gift, so think outside the box with your gift giving and surprise her with something little…or something big.  You don’t have to spend a lot; your thinking outside the box will impress her so much that something little will go a long way.

These are some great romantic gifts that you can give any time:

Flowers.  Just about every woman likes flowers.  You should find out what her favorite is and find out if she would rather have potted plants that flower or cut flowers.  If she has a favorite flower, get her a couple different varieties in her favorite shades.  Of course, don’t get too predictable with the flowers or she won’t appreciate them as much.

Her favorite candy.  If she has had a long day or you just want her to know that you have thought of her, pick up her favorite candy on your way home from work.  This is a little gesture, and can be very inexpensive, but she will appreciate the thought more than you could ever know!

Jewelry.  This is a classic gift to give to a woman, but don’t just give her any jewelry.  You should be sure that you give her something that you know that she will like or want.  Most women are very particular about the jewelry that they wear, so you want to be sure that you are spending your money on something she’ll wear.

A candlelit dinner at home.  Many men get frustrated with the expectation that they have to take their woman out, but the expectation isn’t necessarily there.  If you surprise her with a home made dinner and candlelight you will be surprised that her reaction is as positive at home as it is in a restaurant.

Lingerie.  This is a great gift for women who like, wear, and appreciate the sentiment.  Some women aren’t big on it, and you may find that they actually find such a gift a little bit offensive.  Make sure you only give this gift to a woman who will like it.

As you can see, there are some great gifts that you can give a woman any time of the year. In fact, these are not just gifts that a woman would appreciate, a man would, too!  Everyone likes a little bit extra attention from time to time, and giving an unexpected gift is a great way to do just that!

What Turns a Woman On

Not sure what gets a woman going?   Many men look at men who are really successful with women and they just aren’t sure what it is about them that turns women on.  You know those guys who seem to get every girl?  The fact is that all of these men have a few things in common that really make women pay attention.

A Sense of Humor.  A woman likes a man who can kick back, laugh, and make her laugh.  A woman can get all hot and bothered when she is with a man who makes her feel good, and nothing makes you feel better than laughing.  It’s been proven in some studies that laughter is a true aphrodisiac, which is why the guys with a good sense of humor always seem to get the girl.

The Ability to be Honest.  The man who is confident enough about who he is and what he wants from the world and from women is the one that most women are attracted to.  Just about every woman has been with at least one man who feels like he has to lie about little things to keep her happy.  The fact is that most women would rather have a man who is honest about things than a man who is willing to lie to keep her happy.

A Man Who Makes an Attempt to Look Good.  You don’t have to look like a movie star to turn a woman on, but you do need to look like you put some effort into looking good for her.  If you look sloppy and you don’t make much effort to look good, she won’t find you nearly as hot.  Sloppiness or failure to care about your appearance isn’t a turn on for most women.  Take just a bit of time and make sure you are well groomed and well dressed and you’ll turn her on without saying a word.

Sensitivity.  While a woman wants a man to be strong and masculine, she also wants him to have a very sensitive side.  If she is sad or confused about something she wants him to be able to relate or at least be able to be empathetic for the way that she is feeling.  It is a turn on to see a man who can cry when something sad happens, gush when he sees a puppy or a baby, or just show a vulnerable side to his personality from time to time.

Respect.  While women are often drawn to the bad boy type they also want a man who can be respectful toward her.  You don’t have to be old fashioned or too nice, but a woman likes a man who will walk them to their car when it is dark, who will treat her like a lady, and will make her feel cared for.  A man who is respectful is a huge turn on.

How to Tell if Your Man is Cheating

The fear that many of us have is that our loved one is going to cheat on us and we won’t even be aware.  Many women spend a lot of time trying to determine if their man is cheating, time that they could spend enjoying the relationship if they just knew for sure.  There are some tell tale signs that will help you establish if your man is cheating.  Of course, every man is different, so just one of these signs may not be cause for worry. 

The signs that your man is cheating may include but are not limited to:

1. He won’t let you anywhere near his computer and/or his cell phone.  If he has always been free with these things in the past but is suddenly very protective and makes excuses why you cannot use them, you may want to pause for thought.  If you notice that he never puts his cell phone down or won’t even let you look in the general direction of it, he may be hiding calls or text messages on there from a secret someone new.

2. He suddenly cares about his appearance a lot more than he used to.  If he is suddenly working out, getting his hair cut every four weeks, shaving, and putting his best foot forward in the clothing department you can be sure that he is trying to impress someone.  If he didn’t do these things in the past, you might want to stop to think about what is up and who he is trying to impress.

3. He doesn’t smell like he did when he left home.  Many women who find that their man was cheating in hindsight will realize that he came home smelling different than he left.  If he doesn’t have any cologne on now or smells of a soap different than your own, he may have had to shower midday away from home.  But why?

4. He doesn’t get worked up about things anymore.  If you were constantly fighting or he was irritated about something that you did or didn’t do before and now he just doesn’t seem to care, you might want to ponder why that is.  Many men who are cheating just let the issues in the relationship go because they are having their needs met elsewhere.

5. He suddenly accuses you of cheating for no reason.  Many people who are cheating often try to pass the suspicion of cheating onto someone else to take the attention off of them.  If out of the blue your partner begins accusing you of cheating, you may want to consider what it is that they are doing when they are away from home.  It could prove to be very interesting.

Great Date Ideas for Any Couple

Are you in a dating slump where you feel like you are simply repeating the same date over and over again?  Are you afraid that the person that you like a lot will simply get bored with you because you cannot think of anything new and exciting to do?  This happens to the best of us, but it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, there are some great things to do!  If you are in a dating slump why don’t you try:

1. Playing in the snow in the winter.  Many people feel like they can’t be outside during the winter months and this limits them in their dating routine.  Allow the snow to be a source of your entertainment.  Invite your date to a large park and challenge them to a snowball fight or build a snowman family together and then end the date by sipping on hot chocolate back at your place.

2. Go grocery shopping together and buy items for a meal that you can make together.  Try a dish that neither of you has had before but sounds good to both of you.  If you want to make it extra delicious, buy fresh foods from a local farmers market.

3. Visit a carnival or local fair.  This is always a lot of fun because you can check out local culture, ride the rides, and eat some good food together!  This is a great way to spend a date!

4. Enjoy a picnic.  The picnic is something that not enough people think about when they want a romantic date.  There is nothing better than someone who has thought enough about a date to pull off a great picnic!  This can simply be a lot of fun!

5. Ride in a horse drawn carriage together.  This is something that everyone likes to do.  If it is cold, bring a couple blankets and cuddle up together as you cruise around a local park or town and see the sights.

6. Go to the spa together.  Everyone loves a good spa day, so why not make a date of it?  It can be very romantic and all of the TLC can lead to a great connection after you leave!

7. Visit your local planetarium.  You can learn something new while being alone in the dark together!

8. Go horse back riding.  This is always something that is a lot of fun whether you are experienced or not.  Why not ride on horseback to a picnic destination?

9. If you both like wine, go to a wine tasting together.  This can be a lot of fun if you are both passionate about wine, and you may just find a new wine that you really love!

10. Visit the zoo!  There is nothing like a bunch of animals to help the two of you connect!

Love And Your Sign

There is a lot that has been said about astrological signs and the way that they affect or determine your personality.  For most people the descriptions of their sign actually hold true for them and most people find that it is not any more true than it is in the love department.  Below you will find the description of your sign and the lover that is most well suited for you!

Aries:  The Aries is a person who is very daring and is usually quite competitive as well.  The Aries is a lot of fun, but they also need to look for people in love that will be willing to compete with you and will not allow for your competitive nature to hurt them.  A lover for the Aries has to be very confident and be willing to go out and compete, and have a lot of fun.

Taurus:  Generally speaking, the Taurus is very classy and traditional when it comes to love and life.  They want to be friends with a lot of people, but they crave the love and affection of those who are grounded, ambitious, and sophisticated like they are.

Gemini: The Gemini is someone who is serious about good communication and they like to be educated and let people know it.  The Gemini is someone who wants their lover to be as smart and as educated as they are, and they are attracted to people who are passionate about what they do and aren’t afraid to communicate it.

Cancer:  If you had to sum up a Cancer in just a couple words you would probably say that they are generally happy at home.  The Cancer likes to be at home and relaxing, which means they are attracted to people that they can get along with when it is just the two of them, at home or in a familiar space.

Leo:  The Leo is a lovable sign because they like to dream and when they dream they usually dream big.   The Leo is attracted to someone who is not afraid to dream, and better yet, someone who is willing to go along on their dreams with them.  Being with someone who is restricting or limiting in some way is not a good thing for the Leo.

Virgo:   The Virgo is someone who likes to know that they are safe and secure in their life and their love.  The Virgo seeks someone who is honest, stable, and committed, anything else just will not do.

Libra:  The Libra is someone who cares about appearances, theirs and that of others.  The Libra is someone who wants a partner that is good looking, successful, and is mindful of societal standards.

Scorpio:  The Scorpio is one of the most passionate of all of the sings, but they can also be very guarded.  The Scorpio needs a lover who is willing to listen to them and experience and share deep emotions as nothing else will do.

Sagittarius:   The Sagittarius is a very free spirit and people are drawn to them, but that doesn’t make everyone the best lover for this sign.  You need a lover who is going to allow you to be yourself.

Capricorn:  This is one of the most focused signs of all of them, which means you need a lover who is as focused and committed to their goals and dreams for it to work.

Pornography, Woman, and Men

Men often wonder why their wives and girlfriends are not into pornography the way that they are.  In fact, porn and the viewing of it, causes untold amounts of tension and animosity in relationships.  Many men just can’t understand why, in general, women are not as into porn as men are.  The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of fundamental differences between men and women that make porn more appealing for men than women.

One reason that women generally don’t like porn as much as men is because pornography is very visual.  Men are visually stimulated and aroused but women are usually stimulated sexually more in emotional and mental ways than in visual ways.  The result is that porn alone isn’t enough to arouse most women, instead they crave the intimacy between them and their partner rather than watching something on a television or computer screen.

Another reason that women aren’t as into porn is that when they watch interactions between men and women, they want them to be meaningful.  When you watch porn the idea is not to have great acting or highly involved plots, but this is what women want.  The end result is that women generally are just not very accepting of the very contrived plots that are generally found in pornography.  The contrived nature of these plots can even be a turn off for women because they are lacking in substance.

Many women have a view of porn being degrading to women.  While this may or may not be true, their contention is that porn is actually a mainstream way in which women are used and exploited and they cannot derive any sexual enjoyment from watching women being exploited and allowing themselves to be exploited in this way for a paycheck. 

Some women just feel that watching porn will cast them in a negative light.  They have the idea that watching pornography is somehow inappropriate and is not something that they should be doing.  So, even if they would have an interest or could be turned on by it, their perceptions of people who do watch porn keep them from enjoying it or even attempting to enjoy it.

As you can see, there are a lot of different reasons that women don’t like porn as much as men.  This is not to say that there are not any women who like porn, the fact of the matter is that some women are very open to it and will engage in the watching of porn with the men in their lives.  If you have a woman who likes porn, consider yourself lucky, because most women just aren’t that into it!

Making a One Night Stand Work

While many people cringe at the idea of a one night stand, other people look forward to the no strings attached opportunity to connect with someone for a short period of time.  If you want a one night stand to work out well, there are some things that you should and should not do.  Of course, you may not always plan ahead for these things to happen, which is why you need to keep some tips in mind at all times.

Tip #1:  Don’t invite the back to your place.  If you invite him or her back to your place you lose all control.  If you go back to his or her place you can have some fun, spend some time with them, and make your exit when you are ready.  It’s much more difficult to make that clean break if they are in your house, in your bed, and knows where you live!  You may have a hard time making it a one night stand if you allow them to come to your place.

Tip #2:  Make sure you use protection.  Much of the excitement of a one night stand is wrapped up in the unknown.  You don’t really know the person, they don’t really know you, but you’re still moving quickly.  While you can get caught up in the moment, make sure that you protect yourself.  The last thing you want is a lasting reminder of the night in the form of an STD or even a cute little baby.  Protecting yourself will allow you to leave the experience behind you.

Tip #3:  Have fun!  When you are in a relationship you have an obligation to fulfill not only physical but also emotional needs when you have sex.  When you have a one night stand you don’t have the same requirements to tend to the emotional aspects, so experiment sexually.  All of the things that you have always wanted to try out in the sex department can be experimented with here!  If they work you can always pull them out later! 

Tip #4:  While you don’t have to tend to the emotional needs of the person that you are having a one night stand with, don’t be rude.  The worst thing you can do is be a jerk to the person before, during, or after your sexual encounter.  Make it clear going in that you don’t want any attachments, but don’t treat them rudely.  If they were good enough to sleep with they are good enough to treat in a dignified manner.  The idea is to walk away from the experience with only good memories, for both people, but with no continuing commitment.

Tip #5:  Don’t talk about it.  Allow for the one night stand to be your secret. If you want to mention it to friends, don’t share the person’s name.  The world is a much smaller place than we often realize and when you share this information you may accidentally damage the reputation of the person that you had the one night encounter with.

Success and Relationships

Many couples dream of success, working and working together to achieve their goals and dreams.  While goals and success are important and should definitely be important to both people, when success is all you can think of and then you finally make it, it can actually take a toll on your relationship. 

A lot of people scoff at the idea that success could actually be bad for a relationship, but if it is not handled with care, it can.  For instance, if you have always been equals as far as what you are able to bring in and contribute to the relationship and suddenly one person realizes their dreams, the balance of power may be all off.  If suddenly one person is contributing a lot more this may cause some tension in the relationship.  Be sure that you talk about this so that you are both comfortable with what each is giving and bringing home.  Talking about it can help you avoid having problems with the balance of power shifting.

A lot of relationships also suffer because when someone finally achieves their dreams they have their ego stroked and they often forget that they need to stay true to who they are and where they come from.  When ego gets in the way in a relationship it can be really difficult to get past it.  Talk about selfish behavior and egotistical behavior as soon as you see it and bring the person back down to earth.  If you allow it to continue it will only get harder to deal with.

A lot of people who experience success suddenly don’t give their relationship the treatment that it deserves because there are just so many more things available to them.  When the world open ups and there are so many more options a lot of people can lose focus of what has always been important to them, including their relationship.  Don’t allow for new options to stand in your way, instead find a way to take in the new opportunities together instead of allowing them to come between you.

Many relationships that struggle with success struggle because suddenly the person who has gained that success doesn’t have time for the relationship anymore.  The time that used to be spent with their significant other is now spent working and enjoying the fruits of the success.  This can lead to jealousy and hurt feelings, but it doesn’t have to cause friction in the relationship.  You can always find time for the relationship, you just have to be dedicated to it.  If you keep your priorities in line you will find that anything is possible, in fact you can have success and a great relationship, too!