Succeeding With Online Dating

So many people swear by online dating but then there are other people who haven’t been able to master it.  It’s true, online dating can work but you need to learn how to put yourself out there, make sure that you don’t come across in a bad light when you do make contact with others, and that you take it to the next level when you meet in person.   There are just a few small tips that will help you make the most of the online dating experience.

1. Make sure that you create a profile that puts your best side out there.  Don’t have a profile that talks about all of your short comings, instead you need to make sure that your profile puts your fun side out there.  This will attract more people to you, to who you are, to what you like to do.  There is plenty of time later to share the other sides of who you are, but make sure that your profile is upbeat and just overall very positive.

2. Next, when you make contact with someone you need to keep things real, but stay positive.  Don’t bombard them with questions, because if you do this you might come across as sort of off the wall.  Instead, just ask one or two questions and then be willing to answer at least as many as you asked.  When you have a give and take like this it will help you build a rapport and will also help you move things to that next level.

3. Don’t move too fast.  Many people have bad experiences with online dating because they get excited about meeting someone too soon.  Instead of chatting a couple times online and then meeting in person, chat for awhile online, then move to the phone, and then when you are sure that you would like to spend a couple hours with this person, meet them.  When you take longer to meet in person you can be certain that this is someone that you would want to spend time with.

4. Make sure that you dress well on your first date.  Everyone likes someone that looks good, but it is also a good idea to make that effort on a first date because you are showing them that you care enough about their opinion to dress well and take some pride in your appearance. 

5. Keep it simple on the first date.  Don’t plan to spend the whole day together, instead you should make sure that you plan something that is simple and short for the first meeting.  For instance, plan to meet at a café for a cup of coffee so you can part ways if things don’t go well, and if they do you can choose to take in a movie.

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