Online dating is very rampant nowadays especially to those people who are interested in meeting someone that will be suited to their own tastes, interests and beliefs. It is important that a person should be aware that these websites were not exposing women or men towards other people; instead, these websites were created to help everyone find their match and the person they are compatible with.

 With this kind of site a person will have the chance to meet someone that they may be interested in knowing better. With the millions of members that are joining these types of websites there is always a chance for somebody to meet someone. Matchmaking is one of the major purposes of those internet sites and with the system online this compatibility test is done.

Through all the information that can be extracted from your profile the system will get information that it can use to match you with other members. Most of the time these websites will allow you to answer questions first that will describe who you are and after this, they will use it as a basis of the matchmaking or compatibility tests. The online sites will let you post pictures and information about yourself however it is still important to consider the safety of each member that is why there are some tips that will be given out for a safe online dating.

 First and foremost you should be aware that these kinds of websites are made with chat rooms where different people can join. It is very important that you will not give out too personal information about yourself like addresses and telephone numbers. There are a lot of people who are in the room and you’ll never know who can get your information so if you really like to talk to someone might as well use IM. Instant messaging or IM is mostly available on these websites to avoid the member to give out their personal IM. It is done for security purposes so that each member will not give out information since everything is available in the website.

 Always make sure that the website will provide everything needed for conversation like chat rooms where you can find people, instant messaging, emails and personal accounts. If a website will let you post your pictures then most likely you don’t need to give out any of your website accounts that have your information.

If you have your own profile you will let them see the basic information that they need to know like pictures age, location and so on. Instant messaging or the IM feature should also be available so that you will be able to chat with them without giving any other messenger accounts. You don’t need to use other chat services that include your personal information since you can chat with them on the website itself. Emails are also should be found in the website so that you are no longer obliged to give out your own email address that includes information about you.


Online dating sites are said to be the place where you find your true love nowadays. It is where technology works hand in hand with the human need to find the perfect partner. Unfortunately, online dating is also gravely associated with fraud and deception.

 Several studies conducted on the concept of online dating have concluded that almost 20% of the dating sites users have admitted to lying. But when these people are asked how many others they think do the lying, the figure rose to as much as 90%. This is not just a coincidence. This is the truth about online dating.

 So you might ask, why do they do that? Simple. Lying, especially for the purpose of making a very good impression on others, is central to the process of courtship. As the saying goes, “Put your best foot forward.” Unfortunately, this ‘best foot’ that a member might have put forward may also be a phony one.

 Of all the information that people usually lie about, weight and height are the most common. Men usually shave off five to ten pounds and add at least two inches to their height. Women, on the other hand, commonly understate their weight by so much more and add an inch or more in their height. Women also tend to change some factors of their appearance and some even went as far as posting other people’s picture in their account. Studies have shown that the shorter and bigger the member is, the bigger the lies too.

 Age is also one factor wherein online daters greatly lie about. Women tend to reduce their age by five years to as much as 20 years, while men are more confident, commonly with only five years to lessen from their actual age.

 In their efforts to live up to the feudal society, men tend to lie more about their educational level, their income and their marital status.  Women seldom do this, instead they letdown their achievements so as not to scare potential male partners who may not be as accomplished as they are.

 These deceptions can be rooted to the fact that it is so much easier to lie when the other party clearly has no idea about you at all. It is easier to create an almost perfect virtual you than to make your actual self seem better. Some studies have even concluded that online daters find it harder to tell the truth which would put them in a bad light than to create an ideal person.

 There are also practical reasons for lying on the dating sites. The most obvious of which is that the larger number of people you have impressed, the higher the chances of finding the perfect person. Since it is easy to impress other people with achievements such as educational background and income, people tend to amplify their own accomplishments in order to have more people view their profiles.

 Although lying is an innate part of online membership sites, a lot of people still subscribe to these sites. As a word of caution, new members should be careful when selecting with whom to correspond and with whom to maintain a regular contact.

Online Dating Safety Guidelines

Online dating is probably the most popular way of dating. After high school or college, it may be difficult to look for people who are on the same age, who have the same interests, hobbies and beliefs. It can be more challenging when you want to find someone whom you can have a special connection with but do not have time to spare. Online dating is the easy way to meet people and to have the chance to find that special someone.

You can meet people with different kinds of personalities through online dating. If you have a busy schedule and cannot find time to go on dates, online dating is the best option you have to know someone.

However, you need to be cautious when it comes to online dating. We have to face the fact that there are people who cannot be trusted and online dating is a good place for people who want to take advantage. If you want to try online dating, you need to know some safety measures in order to make your online dating experience a success.

Safety in online dating also applies to the usual dating. We need to be careful in meeting strangers. Take things slow. Even though you have been chatting with someone for a long time, it does not mean that you already know the person. It is necessary to use your common sense when you want to meet in person. Choose an online dating site that has safety features. Usually, online dating services require you to fill up a profile before becoming a member. Make sure that you carefully understand the online dating service privacy policy before signing up.

Many people can be dishonest in their online dating profiles so you have to be extra careful. According to surveys, eleven percent of people who are into online dating services are married. There are online dating sites that are taking necessary steps to be sure that the people who are signing up to their sites are giving the right information. Some online dating services are doing background checks for each of the people who register. To be safe, choose an online dating service carefully. Not all sites can provide you with the service you need so it is necessary to take time in selecting the online dating site.

It is recommended not to include too much personal information in your profile such as your home address, your last name, personal phone number and your office address. Do not use your personal email account in online dating. You can create another email address for the purpose.

As much as possible, ask for a photograph. This way, you can have an idea on what kind of person you are communicating with. However, remember that not all photographs in online dating services are real. If you ask a person to send you a photograph and he or she refuses or make excuses, you can stop your communication. In addition, do not expect that the person you are connecting with on the online dating site is the person you assume to be.


The popular importance of the internet has brought on a lot of services, both for professional and personal ends. One of these services is the online dating.

 Online dating is a system wherein individuals are given the chance to interact over the internet with the end purpose of forming a romantic or sexual relationship. The websites that serve as hosts for this kind of interaction build a community of people who can chat, exchange webcasts, and see each other virtually.

Initially, for a match to be successful, a member is asked to provide his or her personal information. There are general dating websites but there are also some who allow you to limit your searches by setting prescribed criteria for the other person you are looking for. Some sites may offer free registration, while there are some which are a monthly subscription.

 Every individual who join a dating site may have their own distinct reason for doing so. Others for personal dating wherein online meet ups are expected to evolve into face-to-face meet ups.

 Virtual dating may be another reason for joining an online dating site. Here, it is not an automatic assumption that the members are going to be meeting each other personally, but there are some who went out of their online homes and meet each other. Instead, these members engage in other activities such as online gaming. Avatars are very much used in these sites because these serve as the members online self. The members create a virtual dating venue that is similar to a real life one. These venues may include such famous places as Milan, Paris, or the Bahamas. Researches have concluded that people who interact first in these virtual venues have higher chances of going out in real life than people who merely chat and view other people’s profiles.

 Social networking may also be another reason for joining online dating sites. The most famous of the sites dedicated for this was Facebook. It was launched in 2004 and has continued to rise in its popularity especially among professionals.

 Online introduction sites have also become prevalent recently. These are sites wherein the members are being introduced to other members who may be compatible with them. Unlike in other sites wherein the members themselves do the browsing and selecting, online introduction sites do the hunting for their members by deducing and matching the criteria each member has set. This process is said to lessen the bedlam that a traditional online dating sites create. However, both traditional and online introduction sites claim that they are effective in bringing people closer.

 Because of the dominance of online dating sites, it has now been common to find love at the internet. If an individual has not had a chance to be a member, or at least browse an online dating site, he might not know the chances of finding true love in there. Unfortunately, finding true love is not enough reason to risk your neck in something which can both be dangerous and abusive to you. Caution and awareness are still important, especially in such a place wherein the virtual world may not coincide with the real one.

Dating at the Comforts of your Respective Homes: The In’s and Out’s of Online Dating

Online dating has been around for a few years time. But not online dating sites itself. The one being referred to is the online forums where anonymous “chatters” engage in a one on one conversation with someone. It is a virtual matchmaking that is usually un-moderated.

Today, online dating sites has similar functions as the popular network builder site there is namely Friendster, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hi5, and MySpace. Despite the similarity in the registration process, online dating sits such as Casual Kiss, Yahoo Personals, and to name a few, focuses on the gender of your preferred partner, its race, and age.

Earlier, online dating sites have limited themselves to identifying themselves as “male” and “female” alone. You may ask “What about those who are members of the 3rd sex?” In tune with the changing society, there are some sites that have adopted the idea of the gay gender and have added “gay” and “lesbian” amongst the list. Even in the registration portion, you can also specify which gender group you would like to attract. So if one member is male and is opting for a same gender interaction, they can indicate “looking for: male”.
According to the Online Publishers Association or OPA and comScore Networks, Americans spent almost $ 470 Million on online dating alone last 2004 which increased by 30% last 2005. This makes the online dating trend on top of the high ground, followed by pornography.

 By this increasing popularity, Wired Magazine fearlessly predicted that “20 years from now, the idea that someone looking for love without looking for it online will be silly… Seredipity is the hallmark of inefficient markets, and the marketplace of love, like it or not, is becoming more efficient.”
Does this mean that, amidst the trend of convenience today, is online dating the next step?
Too Good to be Perfect

When utilizing online dating sites, you can’t blame yourself, or the site moderator for being oblivious of what the site has to offer. There are also obvious discriminations between free members and paying members in terms of providing you with unbelievable “matches” in which they claim that is compatible with your profile.

These sites are NOT lie proof. There is no way a member can find out whether or not what the profile states is true. And neither does the site itself can detect that the member has lied on their registration.
Being not a lie proof site can lead to non-felon proof site. This makes it a perfect location to scope out potential victims to lure them into the traps of stalking, fraud, sexual violations, and worse, death.
So it is best to do a background check on the people who want to “add” you as part of their contacts list. If it’s impossible, try to limit your profile to the ones you know enough.
A Few Specks of Light

There are those who found “true love” online and have ended up happy. That is why you can’t blame those who patronize online dating.
But despite the idea of happiness existing in that idea, it won’t hurt to be wary of these sites.

The Dating Do’s and Don’ts Online

We have all had our fair share of losing love interests and end up feeling down as if we have lost all the confidence that it takes to find another love. It may really be tough at first, but the best part of the journey is yet to begin with something that is definitely beyond the conventional way of meeting people and starting anew. Yes, it is all about online dating.

 If you ever encountered any of these online dating sites, you would be very surprised to learn that some of them do not charge their members anything, not even a penny. All you need to accomplish is the dating profile, send some nice but recent pictures of yourself, and then you are good to go for some exciting online dating that will give you exactly what you were looking for in the first place.

 With online dating, you never have to get dressed up for an online meeting—just wear anything comfortable and sit back in your favorite couch at home. While online dating helps you meet new people across the globe, it also shortens the distance between you and your potential date by your long chats and messages that will help you get to know each other well. You can always be yourself. Whether you are romantic, adventurous, sporty or fashionable, you will eventually find someone who shares your interests. Actually, there could be more of them waiting on the line. Use that dating feature of searching for members with the same interests as yours, and you might be very surprised that you could also be the type of person that they are looking forward to meet soon.

 Here are few dating tips that will help you get to know your potential dates faster than ever:

 Ask them to take pictures of themselves in their usual daily routine. If they agree, you can definitely take this a bonus from someone you are interested with. Seeing them in their everyday routine helps you get to know them better for what they do, and how they look like when they do it.

 Play the guessing game. This dating advice would do the trick if you also pay attention to your partner’s interests as well. It could also affirm whether they accomplished their dating profile truthfully or they are just making up facts about themselves.

 Try to be cool the whole time you are talking to them. Do not scare them away by appearing too desperate to find someone through online dating. Just be calm, always keep a smile on your face, and never be too aggressive to ask for contact numbers unless the other party appears to be willing to do so.

 Do not spoil the chance by talking about your past relationships the whole time. So you have just gone through a hard breakup and is now looking for someone to take care of you, might as well get a nurse, because online dating is for singles who are willing to meet, share and love mutually.

Different Dating Tips for Varying Dating Relationships

Dating tips for the loveless, for the full of love and for those who simply want to make their love strategy more pleasing, here are the following tips and guidelines you can stick on.

If you are on your first date, here are the lists of things you should and should not do.

1. Avoid being sarcastic. If this is your first date and you show some rudeness of character, do not hope for a second tryst. Always be nice and your date will be nice to you too.
2. Speak up. A lot of women have problems when it comes speaking their minds particularly on a first date. It is either they are too shy to share stories or ideas or are simply speechless.
3. Be confident but not overly assured. You can exude confidence by the way you carry yourself, the way you walk, the way you act and the way you speak. This is very vital on first dates and this will help both parties determine the kind of personality each one has.

If you are dating exclusively for months, here are the lists of things you should and should not do.

1. Avoid being on the same place each time you go on a date. This will only bore the two of you. Each time you go on a date, make certain that you both have suggestions of places to go, movies to watch, restaurants to dine and a lot of other things to do that is far more different than your previous rendezvous.
2. Share stories you haven’t shared before. If you incessantly and repeatedly talk about what made you become the most popular guy in your batch or about your recent promotion, then you most likely turn off your dating partner. If a woman brags her latest shoes, her shopping routines, wouldn’t you think guys would be interested hearing these sentiments over again?
3. Make way for a new adventure. If you are exclusively dating for months, you sure have gone through the same places. The best thing you can do is to try going out of town and engage yourselves in different activities that both can enjoy. This is a good way of maintaining and developing the bond.

If you simply want to acquire the latest dating tips, here are the following love guides that will allow you to use your love strategies to your advantage.

1. Instead of going to a movie, why not watch a concert instead. This is one good way of changing the old days to something that rocks.
2. If you love strolling to the mall, why not go shopping together. This is perfect for couples-to-be and a perfect time to see his/her personal taste for clothes and stuffs. 
3. If she loves Japanese foods, why not let her experience Korean cuisines. If he loves American dishes, why not bring him to an Italian restaurant. This is a way of spicing up a date. Keep in mind; it pays to be different at times.

Guidelines to a Virtual Love Connection

Just as everyone is interested in the concept of dating, not all people know that there are certain rules to take heed, observe and get fully acquainted before jumping in to some virtual love hunting. Although rules in an online dating is only considered as guidelines that need not involve some serious policies, it is still imperative that singles know what to do and take note of once they become part of any dating websites online. Read on.

Online Dating Tip #1

Make your Personal Information Comprehensive, Concise and Catchy

One of the major considerations a person searching for some serious relationship online should be cautious about these 3C’s: comprehensive, concise and catchy. The kind of statement you provide may either make or break you. To put simply, any misspelled word, wrong phrases and sentences will lead to your character’s doom. If you are a member of any online dating sites and would want to impress everybody who comes across your page, you certainly want to put everything in the right perspective. Write short and snappy statements and avoid florid and extravagant words that will only confuse your visitors and readers. Try to create a catchy line that will make other members of the site come back for more visits. If this happens, you will have every member wanting to know you further. This is an idyllic timing to get down to your very first purpose of meeting new people and finally creating a bond that will lead to some serious relationship in the long run.

Online Dating Tip #2

Honesty is a must
Although this will play as a choice, it would still be of good character to make this as one of the things to consider in being part of an online dating site. Honesty in whatever you write about yourself is so important that it will serve to be your image on the site. If you play an image of being a hard-to-deal-with person, boastful and creates a false character and personality, who would you think would be interested in you? It is better to tell the world the bad side of you and live freely than hide in a mask and continue impressing people by not being you. Never lie about your age or the status of your life. This might get you in big trouble. Be who you are. It doesn’t take good compliments to find a mate, all it takes is honesty. This will also determine how you will be handling a serious relationship in the future.

Online Dating Tip #3

Be Straightforward yet Never to the Point of being Loud
People are mistakenly connecting straightforwardness to being loud. You can be frank but not to the point of dumping a person through harsh words. You can be frank but not being too malicious, rather in a well mannered way. Avoid being too eager on topics that might be a sensitive issue to the opposite sex. Be cautious of every word you will write and utter to make online dating a good place for you to start connecting with the world and eventually finding your mate.

Tips to Getting Started for Some Love Hunting

Online dating is a virtual approach of getting to know another party online. This does not involve any physical attachment or personal meeting specifically if the connection is purely on the net. However, you may choose to bring online dating to another level by setting a personal date or move the virtual relationship into a deeper and higher state. The choice is yours.

Now, the question is, “If I am single and wanting to experience online dating, what will I do first”? This is one of the most common questions and this can be answered by opening up to different selections of online dating websites.

On the outset, you need to be a member of a particular dating site online. This is your first step towards being part of the online dating world. In choosing the best online dating site, what you need to do is engage yourself on broad research concerning each prospective dating site. Read through reviews and testimonials from other people on the net and from there, choose a dating site which you think will rally round in fulfilling your goals. Prior to signing up and become a member, you also need to peruse some policies, terms and conditions. If a particular site requires a membership fee, then you need to be aware of this at the very beginning.

Once you become a member, the next thing you need to take into account is the customization of your personal page. Needless to say, this would require your primary photo, a statement about yourself and other things that will be of interest to the opposite sex. Remember your goal: to find someone you can call your significant other. Your personal statement should comprise of anything you want other people to know about you. This should be words that definitely talks about you as a person, who you want to meet and other personal information you deem is necessary to finally meeting the one.

When alls well and done and you’ve accomplished everything you need in your personal page, its now time for you to look for profiles of members on the particular site where you signed up. You can choose to send personal messages and socialize with other members. Afterwards, you can chat with a few or engage in a phone or video conversation.

In an online dating, it is recommended that you should not stick to only one prospect. With the varieties of selections you have, it is possible to come across few people that will meet your standards. The reason being, if one party chooses to decline your offer of friendship, you can still have other members to turn to.

Lastly, when you finally meet the one that lets out a spark in your eyes and an uncontrollable thumping of your heart, you need to find ways to make this virtual love prosper and flourish. Until such time that you are able to build a serious love relationship that was once bonded through online help but is now nurtured through time, effort and love.


In joining different online dating websites a woman should expect to receive several messages from different men. This is a good thing for a woman since she will have a chance to meet several men and possibly find her one true love among them.

Compatibility is very important in a relation ship and this is what virtual dating is promoting – to find and seek for the most comfortable person for another. Even though there are a lot of people who are joining these websites there is still a chance for members to find and seek for someone who can possibly start a commitment with them. Those websites have thousands or millions of members and so there is always someone for everyone.
 Online dating tips for women will help them succeed in finding someone who can possibly change their lives and start a serious offline relationship. The tips will give you a chance to stay in the process of finding love and serious commitment that can lead to marriage.
The thing that you should do in joining this kind of website is creating a catchy or interesting username. It doesn’t need to sound flirtatious all the time; usernames should be creative and promotes a type of woman that should always be respected and cared for. Usernames play a big role in catching men’s eyes so you have to make sure that you will get the best men in the website by your username.
The second tip is about starting of with writing the contents of your profile; profiles should always sound a little flirty with humor and intelligence. Try to make some headlines that are interesting and catchy that will definitely describe who you are or who you want to meet and so on. Be creative and make it short as possible so that people can remember you.
Next tip is about responses; it may not be so hard for a woman to write her feelings in a form of a letter. Most of the time women tend to write a novel-like letter that consists of everything and anything under the sun. It is important that you must answer the questions of the sender; it is unnecessary for you to tell your life story at once. Just take it little by little and go with the flow – you have lots of time to know a person better so it is great is you will just take your time and have fun. Don’t rush things too soon because if a man knows everything about you in just a week, he will no longer be interested in searching more information about you.
The next and last basic tip about online dating is that you should try your best to respond to each mail that you will receive so that you will be able to have a chance to meet several men and possibly find someone who will be compatible to you. After seeing someone compatible with you there will be a possibility that the two of you will get along with each other.