Online Dating: Take it Slow

Many people get involved with online dating because they are frustrated with their dating life.  They want to meet interesting people and they want to meet them now, and this leaves them perhaps a bit more over zealous than they would have been otherwise.  The result is that they rush into the online dating process, which can be just as frustrating as their current dating life.  Take online dating slow, as this will allow you to attract and find the right kind of person for you instead of just taking what comes.

The first thing you want to do when considering online dating is find the right site.  There are thousands of online dating sites out there for you to consider but you need to choose the right one for you.  If there are certain niches that apply to you, such as divorced, a certain race or ethnicity, or anything of the like than chances are you will be able to find a singles dating website that will be a perfect fit for you.  Just shop around a little bit and see what is out there for you.

Next, you need to write your profile. A lot of people want to rush through writing their profile, but you need to take your time.  Make sure that you include everything that you want to include about yourself, keep things positive, and also make sure that you check your profile for both grammar and spelling.  If you take your time you will end up with a profile that reads much better and is much more enlightening about who you are and what you are looking for.

Make yourself available to other singles.  When someone emails you or sends you a message be sure to message them back.  Don’t dismiss anyone who emails you, instead consider all correspondences.  If you do meet someone that you like, don’t rush.  Instead correspond with them a few times via messages on the dating site.

Don’t be too quick to share information.  Share the messages online and then only when you feel comfortable should you share your personal email address.  It is best to correspond this way for awhile and then if you are both still interested you can share pictures, chat via web video, and then when you are both ready perhaps you can trade phone numbers and you can begin to talk on the phone.  This whole process really is a period of feeling one another out, allowing for you to develop trust for a relative stranger.  If you are both still interested after talking on the phone, that is when you can make plans to meet in person and really bring what started out as a virtual relationship into reality.

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