Online dating perils

Online dating has gained much popularity over a short period of time primarily because of its convenience of use and anonymity.  It is widely used as a popular alternative to traditional dating where in two people would have to meet personally first before they would agree to go out on an official date.  In online dating, one just needs to sign up for an online dating account from an online dating website.  Upon signing, he or she will have to write a descriptive profile about him or herself.  These details will actually be used by the system to generate matches from other members of the website.  The online dater will now have the opportunity to “date” anyone from the said list.  To begin a conversation, one just needs to send a chosen member a private message.  From there, it will be up to them how they want to proceed with the interaction.  Online dating is indeed a new convenient way of meeting new people who might be a potential mate in the future but there are some considerable aspects that one needs to first be aware of before signing up on one of these special sites.

There are two types of account, the free and paid accounts.  Some sites let you in first as a free account holder and would show you a list of potential dates that you would like to make contact with.  But should you want to know more about these people by viewing there profiles, you would need to pay a premium for a paid account.  This would usually require credit card details which may later on be an issue with regards to financial security. 
There are also websites that offer totally free accounts.  But these are less secure than the paid ones and have known to be a haven of many weirdoes, scammer and even perverts.
Some members would tend to misrepresent themselves or even lie just to catch other’s attention or keep them interested.  Photos can also be edited and enhanced to mislead a potential dater.  Also, a lot of married people also sign up in the guise of being single.  You may fall victim to these thrill-seekers and you may find yourself trapped in a very dangerous and conflicting situation.
Signing up for an account on this website may open your emails to spam mails for other online dating websites and even unrelated ones.
Also there were reports that cite many incidences where members especially men fall victim to scams perpetuated by mostly overseas women.  These female members would pretend to be interested in looking for a future partner.  Once the male party has been lured to her guise and eventually fall in love with her, they would eventually start asking for money.  A considerable number of these incidences have recently been reported and some continue to be victimized by these bandits.

Online dating has definitely has its own niche.  It caters to specific types of single people who would like to explore and seek new relationships using the worldwide web.  It provides an opportunity for people to interact and learn about other cultures and societies.  Moreover, it offers a venue for daters to introduce themselves to as many potential dating partners as possible.  If you’re sure that online dating is also for you, it is also wise to know and to be aware of these potential perils that online dating may cause you.

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