Unique Ideas for Your Next Date

Are you looking for date ideas that are both unique and exciting?  If you don’t feel like you can sit through another “date movie” you aren’t alone.  Many singles are just like you and looking for something more from the dating experience.  The good news is that there are some really great ideas out there that you can start making your own.  You’ll have some unforgettable dates, even if things don’t work out between you and the person you go out with, at least you will have had a great time!

1. Hit a wind tunnel.  This is a newer activity that a lot of people are finding are a lot of fun.  It seems sort of like a ride, but it is much more intense and is actually much more sport like than ride like.  These high powered wind tunnels actually allow you to fly through the air.  This will be a thrilling date that will help you break the ice while you break out of the movie and dinner routine.  You’ll definitely bond over this one of a kind experience and it will keep your blood pumping through the entire date.

2. If possible, get in the water. If you are lucky enough to be around a river, why not hit the water in a canoe and see the landscape up close and personal?  If you have faster moving waters why not go white water rafting.  Again, this is a great way to break the ice and you’ll have a truly memorable experience.  This is a great idea for a first date or any date if you are just looking to break out of the same old same old dating routine you have fallen into.

3. Hit the trails!  Go on a guided or non-guided bike ride of the trails around your area!  You can pack a lunch and hit the trails and spend as little or as much time as you would like on the trails together.  This will not only be a great adventure to take on together, it will also be good for your body so you both feel good about yourselves after your date.

4. Try out some laser tag!  Laser tag is a lot of fun and it is really sweeping the dating scene.  Laser tag will involve the two of you either taking on one another, or teaming up and taking on other people.  This is a lot of fun, and again, it can be as short or as long in duration as you would like and it is simply a lot of fun.

5. Try out rock climbing.  Rock climbing is a lot of fun and it makes a great start to a date.  There are a lot of places that are dedicated to rock climbing where you can reserve a time and have a lot of fun together.  If you both enjoy it, you may find that you have a new hobby that you can explore together well beyond this one date.

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