Things You Should Never Discuss on a First Date

Always wonder why you never get asked out on a second date?  Are you always turned down when you ask for a second date?  If so, you are definitely doing something wrong, and chances are you are a perfectly nice person that just happens to choose the worst topics of discussion on a first date.  As real as we all like to pretend to be, there are some things that we just don’t want to discuss on a first date.  In fact, if you do discuss some of these things on a first date you are almost assured you won’t get a second.

Don’t talk about health issues.  The fact of the matter is that people in general are attracted to other healthy people.  If you sit down and immediately begin talking about all of your health problems it will be an immediate turn off.  The person may not even realize that the health issues are why they are not attracted; they may just be psychologically turned off because we are programmed to be attracted to healthy people.

Don’t talk about your problems.  It’s not like you cannot talk about your life, but you shouldn’t view a first date as a sub text to an advertisement where you have to warn about how hostile your life really is!  You need to hold back with all of the negatives, the person will have a chance to get to know more about you and what you have been through all on your own.  Also, don’t talk about your more annoying habits or character traits; you’re basically working to turn them off.

Don’t talk about your date.  If they mention their weight or their skin or something like this, don’t say, “Yeah I noticed you have some issues going on with that.”  You are better just to listen to what your date has to say and keep up the conversation about other things than to comment about shortcomings or problems that you may see with your date.  This is just not good form!

Don’t talk too much about the future.  If you begin to talk too much about the future the person you are on a date with will do one of two things.  The first option is that they will freak out and assume that you are already imagining them in your future.  The second option is that you will make them feel inferior and incapable of being a part of your future, even if they really do like you.  Share these plans later on, after you have known one another for awhile.

Don’t talk politics.  Chances are very slim that you will see eye to eye!  Talking politics is just asking to get off to the wrong start.  If you talk politics you run the risk of having things end before they ever really begin.

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