Make This Valentines Day Something Special

Every man struggles with how to make Valentines Day a special day for his lady.  It is hard because there are so many options and while a woman may say that it is not a big deal, generally she wants to feel loved and adored on this day and she wants her man to make a public display of his feelings.

Many men struggle with getting it just right, but you don’t have to.  You have to stop thinking so much and just think about the woman that you are with and what she might want from you.  It’s when you over think things that you often get yourself into trouble.  So, if she tells you what she wants to do for Valentines, listen.  If she tells you not to worry about Valentines Day, listen but then make sure that you do something special.

1. Pick up some of her favorite candy.  It doesn’t have to be chocolate and the less generic the better.  Many men pick up the pre-wrapped boxes of chocolates and while this is great, the average woman doesn’t actually eat most of the candy in the box.  If you know she likes licorice, pick her up some of that instead of the old stand by that every guy goes for.

2. Get her some of her favorite flowers.  Don’t go for roses just because that is what everyone does.  If you know that she likes lilies or something of this nature, then go for that.  Don’t want to be traditional?  Get her just one or two instead of a dozen.  Sometimes less really is more.

3. Make dinner or lunch plans.  If lunch works better for your schedule, what’s wrong with that?  If you have a favorite restaurant, make plans there, or if you would rather, plan a romantic dinner in for the two of you.

4. Be a gentleman.  Rub her back or her feet.  Draw her a bath, but don’t make it be something sexual.  Just let her know that you care about her and want her to be able to relax.  If you do this, you have a better chance of getting lucky because she’ll feel relaxed and less like a piece of meat and more like a woman that you cherish.

5. Turn on “your song’ and ask her to dance.  You don’t have to be a great dancer and you don’t have to be the most romantic person in the world.  If you do this in your own living room or on your patio, she’ll be swooning for you and it will be a Valentines Day that she will never forget—and you probably won’t either!

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