Interesting Valentines Day Facts

Valentines is the holiday for lovers and for love and many of us celebrate it without thinking about it.  We buy the chocolates, the cards, the roses, and we go to dinner but we don’t know some of the most interesting facts about Valentines Day.  This year create some interesting conversation during that romantic dinner by sharing some facts about V-Day!  You may actually pick up some tips when you learn about what other people are thinking or doing on Valentines Day!

1. While you may celebrate the day of love every year, the fact of the matter is that        only about 26% of the population celebrate the day of love.  A whopping 20% think that the day should be done away with altogether!
2. Times have changed!  How have times changed?  In the past the man was always expected to pay the bill but this is no longer the case.  Today even on Valentines Day the person who did the inviting pays the bill, whether it was the man or the woman!

3. Most people spend at least $100 per person on their romantic Valentine’s dinner!  Perhaps this is why many people just want to shrug off this day of love as just another day.

4. Most people who are choosing to share a romantic dinner with someone on the 14th day of February are choosing the same kind of cuisine.  In fact, the most popular choice on this holiday is French cuisine, though Italian is a close second.

5. About half of the population of those who celebrate this holiday make their reservations for their romantic evening at least three weeks in advance.  A very small percentage of people actually just walk into a restaurant on V-Day because it is so difficult to get in.

6. People who go out on V-Day generally choose a restaurant that is quiet, is dark or has soft lighting, or those that have breath taking views.  Of course, good food and a good wait staff is also important!

7. More people drink wine with their Valentine’s Day dinner than drink champagne, which used to be considered a staple for this romantic holiday.

These are just a few of the interesting facts about the romantic holiday that so many people celebrate that you may not have known before.  You may just want to share this information with your mate for something to chit chat about, or you can keep the facts in mind when you are planning your romantic day with your honey.  Knowing what kind of foods are eating and how much they spend may be the perfect guide for you to plan an evening that he or she will not forget.

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