How to Tell if He is Into You, Too

We all assume that once we become adults that we will not have these secret crushes that require us to wonder how the other person feels about us, but it doesn’t go away.  If there is someone special in your life that you would like to get out of the friend zone with and move onto something bigger and better, there may be some signs that he is into you.  Why do you need the signs?  This may help you feel a bit more confident about confessing your true feelings for him.

Signs to Look For

The great thing about having a crush that you know is that you can look for some signs that he may be crushing on you, too.  At the very least, when you have some positive signs you will be able to expose your crush with the hope that the feelings are reciprocated.  Some of the positive signs to look for include:

1. He spends time with you regularly that you don’t have to coax him into.
2. You know his friends and he knows yours.
3. He makes a point of making plans with you ahead of time.
4. He has the ability to commit to relationships.
5. He doesn’t tell you about other girls.

These little signs are big.  You want to know that he likes to spend time with you and that you don’t have to coax him into it, because this means that he likes you, at least on some level.  You also want to make sure that you have met his friends, because if you haven’t there has to be a reason, usually one that is not good.  You want to also make sure that he makes plans with you and doesn’t wait until the last minute, otherwise you may just be a good way to pass the time when he doesn’t have anything better to do.  Before you go imagining the two of you living happily ever after, you should probably make sure that he can commit.  If he’s telling you about other girls that he is currently dating, chances are you are just a friend or he’s a player and you are better off not revealing your crush.

If you have decided that you want to reveal your feelings, just go for it.  There are no promises that it will work out, even if he does reciprocate, but you can definitely hope for the best.  You don’t have to make the revelation of your feelings anything dramatic, just tell him that you enjoy spending time with him and that you wanted to come clean, that you are crushing on him a bit.  Then, brace yourself for his response.  If the feels are not mutual it may be awkward for awhile, but hopefully together you can move past it.  The best case scenario is that you have read the signs right and he feels the same and you’ll live happily ever after.

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