How to Let Someone Know You Are Interested

If you are interested in someone but you aren’t sure how to let them know you aren’t alone.  A lot of people struggle with taking that next step.  Unfortunately the whole situation is complicated by your emotions and your nerves and that makes you second guess your approaches to telling someone that you like them.

1. A great way to let someone know that you like them you can simply listen to them when they talk and then make it known later that you have heard them.  For instance, if someone tells you what their favorite kind of coffee is, the next day you can bring them that favorite cup of coffee.  It is a small gesture, but it will not go unnoticed.  You can do this with anything such as a favorite candy, color, etc.

2. Bring them little gifts.  It doesn’t need to be anything expensive, and it can even be something that you made.  What you should do is tell the person that you saw something and it made you think of them, so you brought it to them.  This will let that special someone know that you like them.

3. Send them emails just asking how their day is going.  When you show interest in someone in this way you are making it clear that you are interested in them.  The note doesn’t need to be long or involved, just a little note asking them how their day is.

4. When you know that they have something going on, ask them how it is going.  For instance, if you know that they are planning a party for a friend, ask them how the party planning is going.  This will make them feel good that someone cares enough to ask and it will give them a little insight into your feelings for them.

5. Ask them out to dinner.  You don’t ask someone out to dinner if you don’t like them.  You should definitely ask someone to dinner or even to lunch if you want to let them know that you like them.  If you are embarrassed to ask them face to face, just send them an email and ask them if they would like to go grab something to eat.  Keep it casual, and if it goes well you can let them know in a more straight forward manner that you are interested in them!

Letting someone know that you are interested in them is often more difficult than we want it to be.  If we didn’t care how we were perceived it would be easier, but when it is someone that we like we always want to put our best foot forward.  Just let them know that you like them, the worst thing that happens is that they don’t return the same sort of affection and at least then you don’t waste anymore time on someone who doesn’t feel the same!