Great Ways to Ask a Girl Out

Do you often meet women that you would like to take out but you just aren’t sure how to make it happen?  If so, you are like a lot of other guys who just don’t know how to take an interest in a girl to asking her out on a date.  The great thing is that asking a girl out is not complicated, or at least it doesn’t have to be.  Many men make it really complicated or difficult when you just need to come across as the nice guy you are and let a girl know that you are interested. 

There are some simple ways to ask the girl out including:

1. Ask her if she wants to grab dinner sometime.  This is a great way to let a girl know that you are interested without actually saying the words, “Will you go out with me?”  There is just something about that phrase that makes most guys cringe, but simply asking her if she will have dinner with you sometime is very casual, allows you to express interest, but won’t make you feel like a huge jerk if she says no.  If she says yes, set a date.  If she says no, that’s okay too!

2. Ask her to go out to the game to you.  If you know that you both like the same team and you have tickets, ask her to go to the game with you.  If you don’t have tickets but would like to use this as an excuse to get closer to her, ask her to come to your house and watch the game with you on the big screen.  If she’s interested, she’ll accept!

3. Ask her to go to coffee with you.  Going to grab a coffee is something that we all do at least once a day, and if you know that she drinks coffee; ask her if she wants to try out a new café with you sometime.  Or, just ask her to go to your regular place and buy her a cup of coffee that you enjoy and she has never tried before.  This is a safe in because if she says no you can just ask her if she wants you to pick her up anything, so it looks like you weren’t actually asking her out!

4. Ask her to see a movie with you.  Mention a movie that you want to see and if she says that she also wants to see it, ask her to come with you.  A movie is a great date and it is a way to get to know her a bit better. 

5. Just tell her you want to take her out this weekend.  This is a simple and straight forward approach that a lot of women really appreciate.  If you like her let her know it.  If you want to take her out, just let her know that is what you want.  You will find that a lot of women really respond well to this!

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