How Smart Are You For a Date?  


A common problem seen in most dates is how to maintain your flow of communication while interacting with your partner so he or she doesn’t lose interest. Many of us do not have a clue as to what to talk about and usually get stuck. You go talking about something very interesting which grabs your partner’s attention and all of a sudden silence breaks in and remains there until you find another interesting topic. A long pause or silence can lead to your partner losing interest in you and he or she may break off at some time.

It has been observed that many people enjoy listening to short stories, which are entertaining in nature.  So, the best way to ensure that you maintain flow in your conversation is by start narrating short amusing stories about anything. An interesting story would grasp the attention of your dating partner and he or she wouldn’t lose interest in you. You can even tell him or her about your own sweet childhood or even pick up mysterious stories that would really make the situation most interesting and arouse some excitement. Remember in your childhood how exciting stories were and how they were full of fun. In the same way you can also make the situation exciting and full of fun for your dating partner. By narrating a story you should be able to handle the situation to a certain extent.

Just like any story you can also share with your partner an interesting incident that may have occurred in your life. Ensure that whatever incident you are sharing with your dating partner has some excitement in it. Amusing or incidents that include mysterious events somehow attract the human mind. In case you are in a position that you have nothing to converse about with your dating partner then go back to any memorable moment and start describing it in an interesting manner.

While you are trying your best to make the conversation as interesting as possible by sharing an exciting incident or a funny story try to make your dating partner do the same. This way your conversation would be two sided instead of you just trying to arouse a sense of excitement while dating. If you are not a good storyteller then practice or try to learn the art of good story telling. This way you are sure to make your dating experience a most thrilling one. There are so many ways to maintain the flow in your conversation and never too late to practice.

One important thing that you should keep in mind is that whenever your partner tries to share something interesting with you, ensure that you listen to him or her carefully. Interrupting can be rude and can even put your dating partner off. With all said and done start winning dates the right way. Enjoy a pleasurable moment with your dating partner and try to make it most memorable for the both of you.


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