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How to be a Great Girlfriend

Many women are not sure what a man wants or who they can be a good girlfriend to the man in their life.  A lot of women struggle because they just aren’t ever really sure what men like and what they don’t.  You shouldn’t change who you are, but there are some things that you [...]

How You Can be a Great Boyfriend

Many men are really lost as to what it is that women are looking for in a man.  They feel like just when they are beginning to understand what a woman wants, something changes.  The fact of the matter is that there are some things that every woman wants in a man, regardless of her [...]

Romantic Gifts that are Sure to Impress

Whether it is for Valentines Day or an anniversary or just a day when you want to let your loved one know that you love them, giving a romantic gift should be a lot of fun.  It is even more fun to give romantic gifts when you know it is something that they are not [...]

Spring Date Ideas

Now that spring is rolling around many people are looking forward to date opportunities that don’t involve being indoors.  When the winter weather is lifting we are all looking for excuses to spend more time outdoors or just change up the routine.  You can even change up your dating routine, and you’ll find that these [...]

How to Find The Man Who is Right For You

Many women spend a good portion of their life searching for “Mr. Right” and try as they may, they just are not able to find them.  The fact of the matter is that there is someone out there who would be great for you, that you could really connect with and even have a good [...]

Dealing with Your Nerves on a First Date

If you are going on a date with someone that you really like for the first time it is normal to be nervous.  Many people allow for their nerves to get the best of them, which works to sabotage their relationship.  You don’t have to give into your nerves; instead you can take charge and [...]

How to Let Someone Know You Are Interested

If you are interested in someone but you aren’t sure how to let them know you aren’t alone.  A lot of people struggle with taking that next step.  Unfortunately the whole situation is complicated by your emotions and your nerves and that makes you second guess your approaches to telling someone that you like them.
1. A [...]

Interesting Valentines Day Facts

Valentines is the holiday for lovers and for love and many of us celebrate it without thinking about it.  We buy the chocolates, the cards, the roses, and we go to dinner but we don’t know some of the most interesting facts about Valentines Day.  This year create some interesting conversation during that romantic dinner [...]