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Things You Should Never do on a First Date

First dates can be a lot of fun, although they can also be a little terrifying because there is just so much that is unknown!  A lot of what will make or break a first date is what you do while you are out with this new person.  There are some things that you should [...]

Your Date Venues Tell Something About You

Planning your date may be puzzling.  You have to choose where it should take place.  As much as possible, you want to keep it wholesome, romantic and interesting all at the same time.  It may be hard to find but with a little imagination, all of it can be achieved.
Here are some tips on where [...]


Dating is one of the most common ways to know different people and spending more time with them; it is a way of knowing someone compatible to you. In this aspect, different countries have different views when it comes to dating; so if you are about to date a woman, make sure that you know [...]

Sure Dating Tips for Women

All women have worries when it comes to dating. Even the most successful and most confident woman still need dating tips to overcome anxiety. It is natural for women seek  the approval of their dates, which may lead to nervousness and anxiety attack. Women tend to worry too much about the way they look, the [...]


Dating has been one of the greatest challenges for human existence. It is one of those practices wherein a lot of trial and error occurrences are more frequent than success. Unfortunately, there are no known experts on the practice of dating. But there are some who have collected dating tips from those who have been [...]

Dating Tips All Men Should Know

Almost all men are looking for the best dating tips to help them with their dating problems. Even men who have been dating most of their lives still need dating tips to improve their dating skills. Men who have not dated for a long time must know some dating tips to prepare them to the [...]

Little Ways to Let Her Know You Like Her

Many guys have a hard time knowing exactly how to communicate that they like a woman or that they care about them, but it’s a lot easier than you might think.  In fact, you don’t even have to say anything, when you are together there are little things that you can do to communicate your [...]

Dating 101: Acing that Date

New or you’ve been in the situation, it won’t hurt to listen intently or brush up on those dating tips you’ve heard left and right as if you have your own personal Oprah. But keep in mind that no one is a dating expert or a dating maven. But having this list look at again [...]

10 Dating Tips for Beginners

O-nce is not enough. A dating advice: you can get more choices by joining as many online dating sites as possible. You also do not have to worry about losing anything because it could all be free. Try exploring different sites that feature attractive singles that may just be looking for love like you do.
 N-eat [...]

Things a Searcher Must Practice to Experience Successful Dates

Dating can either be online or through a conventional tryst allowing both parties to know each others’ character and personality. If you choose to go for the traditional way of dating then you need to know some helpful hints to make it more successful, fun and exciting. 
Be a Person of Substance
Dating need not be boring [...]