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Dating Someone Who is Mentally III

The term “mentally ill” is being used more and more and in some instances it is a bit misleading.  Many people assume that everyone who is on medication for any mental issues is “mentally ill” but this is probably not a fair statement.  You may have been dating someone for awhile and recently they just [...]

Simple Dating Tips for Men

Have you been out on a few really bad dates lately and you aren’t sure what gives?  Bad dates seem to come in multiples and many times it feels as though it is a process that we cannot stop on our own.  While it may have just been coincidence, you may need to get some [...]

Fun Seasonal Date Ideas

With the seasons there are a lot of different opportunities that come into most areas that will allow you to have fun that you normally wouldn’t.  Why not take advantage of the seasonal fun in your area to make a splash on the dating seen and really give your date something to remember.  They will [...]

Unique Date Ideas

Do you feel like every date is the same?  Dinner, movies, and then a good night kiss. Do you feel bored by dating because you feel as though every date will simply be a carbon copy of the rest?  You don’t need to feel bored by dating, instead you should look forward to the process [...]

Flirting From Across the Room

So, you aren’t the most outgoing person and as much as you would like to just walk across the room and tell the person that you’re interested, that is just not who you are.  No need to worry, sometimes the more passive approach is actually more appealing.  You can stand across the room from someone [...]