Dating Someone Who Travels a Lot

It seems that the world is becoming a smaller and smaller place all the time.  We are traveling to all of the corners of the world and the result is that a lot of the people that we may meet and even date are those that are traveling. It can be difficult to date someone who has to travel a lot for work, but not impossible.  There are some things that you can do to make the process of dating someone who is away often easier.  If you are dedicated to making the relationship last, you will find that dating someone who travels a lot doesn’t have to be much more work than any other relationship, it’s just different.

First and foremost, understand what they do when they travel.  It is a lot easier to be content with a situation when you know why it is the way it is.  Ask questions about it, seek to learn what your partner is doing while they are away, this way you always have something to talk about or ask about even when you are talking on the phone or by email when they are traveling.

Make the most of your time together.  Many people who are dating someone who travels a lot focus so much on the time that they spend apart that they forget to enjoy the time that they spend together.  When your love interest is in town make sure that you spend plenty of quality time together and even make time to do little things such as household chores, walking the dog, and normal things together.  This will give you that touch of normal that you may miss while they are away.

Offer to travel with them from time to time.  This may not always be possible, but if it is, why not pack your bags and go with them. While they work you could see the sights and really learn about where it is that they go.  You may find that dating someone who travels a lot is a benefit because you get to go to places and see things that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  This can be a lot of fun.

Get comfortable talking on the phone or by email.  This can be difficult if you are not a good communicator, but you need to practice at it.  The more you practice your communication skills the better you will get at it and the result is that your relationship will continue to flourish even when you are apart.  Learn how to say and write what you mean and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  When you are open and honest you are fostering good communication, which is needed when you cannot always be together.

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