Jul 24

There are different types of love. The one for your parents and family. Love for God, for your friends , for different hobbies, for example the strong passion that people feel in the games is incredible, but the best love is the love for a person who makes you shake and laugh as much as you can can, it´s to feel appreciated by another, in other words, to feel loved.

Love is one of the first feelings humans ever experienced, since the creation of planet Earth, when Adam and Eve trusted each other in everything doing everything together and they even had more faith in each than in God himself, this is one of the best examples on how big the love between two persons is. One of the most beautiful poems or lines ever said is in the Bible (Corinthians 13: 4-6), and is used in the most sacred communion in a relationship, the wedding, and it says: “Love is patient, Love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Love always protects, always trusts,always hopes, always perseveres.” This was the way the writer talked and described love itself in those times; this shows how big love has been all the time.

To find people that are your best friends and are very close to you is possible, meeting a woman or a man that are very beautiful and intelligent is not that hard; finding a person that you love to spend time with and makes you laugh is feasible; but finding someone who has all those qualities, happens once in a lifetime, and when you find that person, he´ll change your life upside down and you´ll love him forever.

To be in love is the greatest joy someone could experience, as our lives change many things could happen, many feelings could diminish but at the end, what counts is to do what makes you happy. I think that it is impossible to live without love; some people think that money, great cars, great house and a great job makes them happy, but at the end they only come to one conclusion, that all those things do not fill up their hearts and without love they don´t have anything; because love can surpass every obstacle including economic differences, racial aspects and even physical appearance. Love is what moves the World and makes it a better place.