Active dating for singles

For single people, dating is a very important part of life. In fact, some singles truly enjoy the dating process that they seem to never want to commit to anyone because they do not want to leave the dating arena.  In the past, active dating was seen negatively and would pertain to people who’d like to stay put on the playing field.  But nowadays, casual dating seems to be more practiced than ever before.  With the emergence of speed and online dating, more choices are seen as far better than being tied up to only one.

This is not to say that single people tend to shy away from serious relationships.  It only means that today’s single people are more selective and more careful when it comes to commitment and relationships.
For those who do want to enter the playing field, here are a few notable suggestions that can help you make the dating process a more exciting and worthwhile endeavour for you.

Before actively dating, be sure that you do not have an unresolved relationship with a pending closure.  Make up your mind, once and for all.  If you do decide to commit to that relationship, you must be firm and stop with active dating. Otherwise, one or more people will get hurt in the process.  On the other hand, if you decide to actively date, stick to your goal of dating as many prospects as possible. 

Be very frank with your date.  Tell him or her about your intentions but not too early in the date as it may spoil the night altogether.  Do it as gently and as caring as possible.  Make him or her understand that you are not yet ready for a committed relationship.  Make him/her see that you dated him/her because you are interested to get to know him/her better.  Don’t give him/her false hopes but don’t also shut him/her off especially if you really do like him/her.

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